Comparison between selective wave soldering and traditional wave soldering

Time: 2019-05-27 10:51:37

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Comparison between selective wave soldering and traditional wave soldering

Selective sprayerTraditional sprayer
Equipment manufacturerSunDarc and many moreNitto, Jintuo, etc.
Equipment modelSDF-250(Selective sprayer)nothing
Spray methodThere are 3 modes to choose: 1. In the precise spraying mode, the PCB stops in the middle of the sprayer and moves through the nozzle to perform point or line spraying. This method is suitable for the scope of spraying, avoiding the spread of flux and causing product quality. influences. 2, regional spraying mode: PCB does not stop on the transport track, the nozzle sprays the PCB board in the area, can be divided into a small area on a board for spraying, suitable for high capacity requirements, but with fixtures Occasionally; 3, continuous spraying mode: the PCB board does not stay, and the nozzle sprays a large area on the circuit board. According to the structure of the jig, it is possible to set the front and rear and the left and right sides of the jig to remove the spray. Suitable for occasions with particularly high production capacity.Whole board spraying after induction of electric induction from the board
The costIn the precision spray mode, more than 90% of the flux can be saved; in the area spray mode, more than 1/2 of the flux can be saved; in the continuous spray mode, more than 1/4 of the flux can be saved. Because of the precise spraying, the cleaning work of the peak furnace fixture is reduced accordingly.It consumes a lot of flux, high cost of use, high smoking requirements, and easy smell in the workshop.
EffectThe bottom of the soldered PCB board is clean and tidy, the flux residue is low, and the subsequent washing process is reduced or completely removed.More flux residue at the bottom of the PCB after soldering
priceThe one-time investment in purchasing equipment is higher than the traditional one, but the subsequent use cost is low, environmental protection and energy saving.The cost of purchasing equipment is low, but the cost of using it later is high.
Scope of applicationSuitable for use in the production of peak furnace fixturesTraditional production occasions with high requirements on production capacity and low environmental protection quality

Comparison between selective wave soldering and traditional wave soldering
Comparison between selective wave soldering and traditional wave soldering
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